Brockport Symphony Orchestra

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2012-2013 Concert Season - Canal Opening Celebration Concert

Sunday, May 5th


Seymour College Union Ballroom

The College at Brockport

Free Admission - Donations Accepted at the Door


The Canal Boatman's Dance

Performed by the Golden Eagle String Band

Allentoff Erie Canal Rhapsody for Narrator, String Band, and Orchestra

1. Celebration Ode

2. Oh! Dat Low Bridge

3. Meeting of the Waters

4. Boating on a Bullhead

5. The Aged Pilot Man

6. Low Bridge, Everybody Down

Bill Andrews, Narrator

Golden Eagle String Band

Hullfish Celtic Dance Suite for Pennywhistle, String Band, and Orchestra

1. Slow Air

2. Hornpipe

3. Jig

4. Reel

William Hullfish, Pennywhistle Soloist

Golden Eagle String Band